What do you call HASNAT in English?

HASNAT means rewards from Allah (SWT).

What does a Job mean here?

A job means a duty, task, or function that you want to delegate to someone who can do it for you.

Who can post the job?

You can also post your job provided you have registered yourself on deedsforpeace.com.

What type of job can I post?

You can post any job which is allowed in Islam and you think can be done remotely by someone. 

How would you explain the benefit ‘Earn hasnat for making others earn hasnat’ of posting my job?

HASNAT means rewards from Allah (SWT). These rewards depend upon your intention of your action taken. Hence if you post your job with a good intention Allah (SWT) will reward you as He will reward the one who will complete your job in sha Allah. So it will be a win-win situation for you both in sha Allah.

How should I register my skills?

You can easily register your skills in two ways -
1. at the time of registering yourself on our site and
2. using 'Register More Skills' after you become registered member on our site.

Who can get most benefit from deedsforpeace.com?

It depends on your degree of involvement and contribution. The more you participate more you earn rewards.

Moreover our sisters can get maximum benefits who do not want to go away from home and seeking ways of utilizing their skills for a good cause.


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