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Deeds For Peace
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Peace - The Greetings of the Righteous 
"When those who believe in Our verses come to you say to them Peace on you. Your Lord has prescribed for Himself mercy, so that if any one of you does an evil deed out of ignorance and thereafter repent and mends his ways, then (you will see that) He is Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful"
(Al Quran - Al-Anaam 6:54)
"There call therein will be, Pure are you, O Allah and there greeting therein will be Peace and the close of their prayer will be " Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds"
(Al Quran - Yunus  10:10)

Clear Your Doubts 

Want to know being anti Muslim will help you or not? Is ISIS Muslim? Does Islam support Islamic terrorism? What is Islamic extremism? What is sharia law? Do you know Quran definition? Are you interested to know about Muslim vs Islam? Is Burma Muslim killing justified? Would you like to watch Islamic state video? How much important is Quran ki tilawat? How does your Islamic status affect you?

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Latest Useful Knowledge

  • Watching video lectures on is much better than on youtube directly. As I do not see any unwanted movies besides it.

  • Money is by Qadr but rewards are by intention of our action done.

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  • I become deedsforpeace member for some personal reasons. But Alhamdulillah I am more satisfied now by helping others in need.

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  • I joined because I want to help others with my knowledge and skills sitting far away.

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